1SUN has, in its Team, skilled profiles ready to take on the challenge of bringing into the international market, a low cost, highly flexible, Quasi1D PV, as its prime product.
In this direction; 1SUN‘s Team, administrative committee (presently composed of):
Dr. Eng. Sumeet Kumar, who has had his B.Tech in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), class of 2005.
Finishing his PhD in Chemistry (in Year 2010) from the University of Eastern Piedmont, Turin, Italy; Dr. Kumar embarked onto Researcher Profiles at various Italian National Research and Development Institutes: viz. ENEA (2010-2012) and Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics: INFN (2012-2013).
He currently holds the position of CEO and CTO for 1SUN Ltd. established and incorporated on 31st July 2013 in Italy.
Eng. Rohan Khullar is an Engineer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and is active in RE field since almost a decade. He is exploring Business Development for 1SUN in India. Partner since early 2015, Eng. Khullar is also a member of the 1SUNs administration and responsible for hiring and fund raising from Indian investors towards complementing 1SUN.
Moreover, 1SUN has as its Advisers and Facilitators:
a). Chamber of commerce, confederation commerce Trieste.
a). CEIPIEMONTE for EU/Indian Market Study & assistance towards 1st Pilot plant setup in Italy.
d). BIC incubator Trieste having 1SUN as its Associate member.
and is striving to overcome the key problems, through its proprietary Technology*, plaguing the current low cost flexible Solar cells’:
1. Inadequate/Improper efficiency;
2. Design constraints;
3. Short Lifespan.
1SUN LTD. with its proprietary Technology* bypasses these drawbacks with its:
1). Innovative concept of light harvesting from UV To  Vis; IR To Vis. OnePot ~ Ease of synthesis, guaranteeing long range order in charge continuity.
2). Unique design of the product (Quasi 1D); SUM(Quasi1D-Surface Area) = Pi*(Projected 2D Area).
3). Protective polymer nano composite shell enhances lifetime. The Hybrid Component has already proven to enhance the External Quantum efficiency of existing Si-PV technology by over 100% (into the UV region: 290-370 nm)*.
* Patent Granted: “NANOMATERIALI COMPOSITI IBRIDI”, No. 0001416541 . Granted on 19th June, 2015.
  Published ONLINE via Patentscope with the number: WO14/132183


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