Upon completion of its Quasi1D-Fiber based Flexible Hybrid PV technologies’ prototyping phase, starting with the initial positive results from fiber generation and its incorporation with hNMs, with respect to Solar light harvesting, 1SUN has projected prototyping its proprietary technology for the fabrication of flexible Solar panels and using the same geometry to incorporate the PEC and FUEL CELL, using the nanomaterials as host for storage of ‘insitu’ generated Hydrogen via water dissociation.
As far as Quasi1D PV is concerned, It has been proven that these panels will produce more output power occupying less superficial area (Mathematical enhancement by c.a. 57% Light Harvesting Surface AREA), compared to 2D conventional PV AREA, that too with no need to TRACK the SUN as the ‘Cylindrical Surface AREA’ poses at all times a similar volume of ‘active light harvesting material’.
Towards the completion of its prototyping phase, 1SUN is broadening its horizons by bringing in new R&D collaborators for continued enhancement of the prototype’s efficiency and hence its competitiveness in the market with ever changing Technology, as well as searching industrial partners to deploy the existing Technology through specific production licenses, furnished by 1SUN.

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