1SUN believes that R&D, if conducted, in close contacts within similar groups, can bring wonders to this world! Since then it will be collaborative Research, rather than competitive Research.
Each Researcher can thereby feel like part of a team, aiming at a common goal of bringing into this world something innovative and in most cases at low cost for common people’s usage.
The world full of economic ups and downs, at its current stage, needs a drastic change, in which as the least, the poor can be updated with the present technology and not only, one can instill them to think out of the box and we never know when can they become technology contributors, aimed towards uplifting of every other common man. 1SUN believes, given the right and conducive ambient,
human mind has the potential to attain its maximum, irrespective of their economic level. With the right amount of information needed, from weather forecasts for farmers in villages on their FarmPad, to remote lessons for children via viva voice. As we see electricity is a most needed entity in order for these ideas to be concertized.
With this AIM 1SUN is in constant search for collaborators round the world to speed up the technology attainment, at low cost, and making sure that it reaches the common human, especially where power is needed to run daily appliances.
Thereby, 1SUN’s under prototyping product: The Quasi1D aims at reaching out to masses, who are still under the subtle poverty line and which cannot afford expensive power backups, by providing them a power source capable of accumulating the Solar Energy at day time to provide electricity at night, backed by a battery/inverter kit.
In particular towards the fulfillment of this aim, 1SUN is currently in contact with various R&D institutes in and around Trieste to collaborate for the mutually beneficial objective of bringing into the market a working prototype of 1SUN’s prime product: The QUASI 1D, such that the technology can be industrialized all over the world, for local distributions.
Presently collaboration/outsourcing terms are in the pipeline with the  following institutes:
FRAUNHOFER ISE                    http://www.ise-pv-kraftwerke.de http://www.callab.de
CEIPIEMONTE                             Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione
Department of Materials                Prof. Lughi @ University of Trieste, Italy.
Josef Stefan Institute                      Josef Stefan Institute, Lubiana (Slovenia).
Selected few Entrepreneurs          From Europe and ASIA.

Core Suppliers                                  OPV R&D team/PV installers/Manufacturers.

Careers at 1SUN                               People with Profile of Chemists, Engineers, Marketing and PR can apply specific open positions at 1SUN or send their candidature via email to careers@1sun.it
On the contrary, if You are interested to collaborate with 1SUN, please drop in with your request along with your relevant background details via email to: info@1sun.info or fill in the form in Contact section.

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