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1SUN selected for the prize on 14 December, edition 2015, per being dedicated to creating work in the Italian territory-Mediated by Italian minister Dott. Sergio Bolzonello

1SUN selected for the prize on 14 December 2015, for being dedicated towards creating work, employing prople, in Renewable Energy Sector, inside the Italian territory.

Mediated by Italian minister Dott. Sergio Bolzonello (Vice Presidente Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia).

Mediated by Italian minister Dott. Sergio Bolzonello (Vice President “Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia”).

Past releases:

  • Project Approved for SpinArea fund* worth 69.500,00 euro to kick start Dr. Kumar’s entrepreneurial activities on 17-12-2012. *Reasons unknown, the public Funds never reached to start Dr. Kumar’s initiatives through the system of Area Science Park.
  • Dr. Kumar, believing the value and potential of his then recently filed Patent idea, went on with 1SUNs creation**, as an Innovative StartUp on:  31-07-2013 via. Registration at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Trieste.  **Courtesy Dr. Tomaso Giordano (ex-Notary of 1SUN).
  • 1SUN’s Founder Dr. Kumar deposited a Patent in Italy, pertaining to it’s futuristic core businesses on 01-03-2013. Extended via PCT on 25-02-2014.
  • Won a regional contribution from CCIAA of Trieste, worth 24 K euro in capital, to be sanctioned at 30% of project cost, upon completion of certain prototyping (worth 80K euro).
  • 1SUN’s founder earns an Excellent EPO search report on its National and PCT extension 25-02-2014.
  • Patent Published Online on WIPO portal with number: WO14/132183.
  • 1SUN is open for JVAs and for licensing its technology, in part as per the potential licensee’s background and geographical location.
  • Patent extended in TEN+ countries, thereby entering as National Phase since 01-09-2015.
  • 1SUN is selected by Invitalia under the call “Smart&Start” for an incentivized Debt Financing to launch its Business Plan: 08/2015.
  • 1SUN has a Capital Raise by 1.890.000,00 euro to render it not only an innovative startup by also capitalized company for further credit loans to complement the Invitalia Finance for the Pilot scale implementation of part of 1SUNs technologies:09/2015. **Courtesy Dr. Michela Boscolo (Present-Notary of 1SUN).
  • 1SUN receives a credit loan from one of the Italian banks in Udine;to complement its Invitalia Finance: 06/2016.
  • 1SUN is hiring! Please look for the local universities Job Portals and/or Tweets. 11/2015-Present.

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