1SUN’s Products (for details on the ready and under prototyping products, please see Brochure) can be applied as:
1.) Wavelength Conversion FIlm (WCF): Proven (Tested on cSi-PV) to enhance the output power from existing Si-PV panels by 12-25 % (100% increase in External Quantum Efficiency: EQE in the UV zone < 370 nm), thanks to its Light Energy Down Conversion capability, via which the Patent Filed material converts PART of the UV Energy at AM1.5 conditions, into Visible ENERGY, in specific transmitting a peak-sharp Red emission, where the Si-PV is active.

2.) SmartPV modules: Solar power is obtained through PhotoVoltaic Modules, installed on residential or industrial areas, generating electric current from the Sunlight captured.Since a traditional light harvesting technology captures only wavelengths in the visible range (370-750 nm). Thanks to the Patented Technology, the derived Innovative PhotoVoltaic Modules (SmartPV modules) are capable of absorbing, along with the normalized direct and indirect radiation of the sun, also the high Energy UV part (290 – 370 nm) of the solar spectrum. This means that our innovative PV modules guarantee a +25% of output energy production if compared to Traditional Modules.

3.) Quasi1D STANDALONE: Independent flexible panel with no limitation on the applied surface area, supported via an Inverter for converting the DC to AC. Quasi1D is a LIGHT Weight Fiber (c.a. 2-5µm Diameter) module; While a futuristic, Quasi1D model based FUEL Cell, having the hydrogen generated via insitu PEC, is also covered under the filed Patent to render viable, the quest for auto-sustainability, especially for deep space missions.
4.) Quasi1D PLUGIN: Circumferencing the existing PV’s; Assumed width of the PlugIn panels is 0.3 m; Will use the electronics of the existing Si-PV, i.e. Inverter and Battery, if any.
Estimates based on the data collected so far out of the R&D carried out till date, and based on the actual tests on existing cSi-PV, guarantees that Quasi1D will result into a production of CHEAPER Kw-peak powers [c.a. by (250*n)%; Where n= Fiber woven PV module width (in meter)] in confront to Silicon PV panels. The estimates are based on the targeted prototype efficiency of 10% Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE), and is supported by the fact that Quasi 1D covers Pi/2 times more superficial Area compared
to what occupied by CONVENTIONAL flat PV Panels, beneath themselves (i.e. the 2D Projected SUPERFICIAL Area);
CASE STUDY: Supposing a 0.3 m wide Quasi 1D PlugIn panel, circumfering the conventional Si-PV panel rated at 1kWp (c.a. 9.2 sqm Area occupied by Si-PV), will thereby occupy c.a. 6 sqm, when the Si-PV is kept 9×1 sqm geometry, and 4.2 sqm when Si-PV is kept as 5×2 sqm geometry); will produce an additional c.a. 0.73 kWp (0.51 kWp in the second case) power.
Possibility to have a unidirectional aligned fiber on a sticky flexible polyester base cloth, thereby saving cost on the length of the fibers, is also not neglected. However, the current cost is estimated, weaving them in a square mesh.
Thereby for PLUG IN #Case: Quasi 1D SQUARE MeshWeavedPanels, rated at 1kWp can be fabricated from 6*( or 4.2**)x10^6m long Fibers; having 2 µm Diameter. A panel width of 0.3m covering the 0.3x(L+B) Area OR 6 sqm [4.2 sqm] (Effective Cylindrical AREA= 9.42 sqm [6.6 sqm]).
Cost: QUASI 1D @350€ for 0.73kWpeak (1.6 MWh @10%η) together with cSi PV @ 2K€ (including Inverter) for 0.97 kWp (2.1 MWh @14%η) produces ≈ (2.1+1.6) MWh annual output at (2+0.35)K €. Grid Independence, with + Battery (≈500 €).
Whereas, for the STAND ALONE+ Case: For 1 HOUSEHOLD CONSUMPTON (averaged at ≈ 3.7 MWh Annual NEED), if one employs QUASI 1D with rating 1.7 kWp; SAVING in COST with respect to Si-PV≈1.8 K with [Battery+ Inverter]≈1.5K € cost included; Against an INVESTMENT of c.a. 4.1K(including ≈500 € for Battery) for cSi OCCUPYING an Area of c.a. 16 sqm (PLUS Necessity to change inverter around 10-12th Year NOT accounted here). Thus, in 10 years; NET investment is lesser by 1.8 K € for QUASI 1D System (With Inverter+Battery); Covering LESSER AREA by 2sqm for 3.72 MWh with added Portability.
To exemplify the above case study, please refer to the Figure below:
Notes: First Year Return ≈ €131/kWp for PLUGIN GRID# and Client Paying 50% for minimum Electricity bill as backup BASE contract;
Whilst for STAND ALONE GRID+ [Solar power and Battery + Inverter as backup], First Year Return ≈ €300/kWp.
Si installation

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