1SUN is ready to provide its expert and UNIQUE services, be it in terms of Pilot scale deployment of its Patented technologies (s), or licensing the same to strategic and Renewable Energy giants across the globe.
Some exemplary applications derived out of the claimed inventions, apart from those NON-Exhaustively previewed into the Patent Filed Claims are reported, wherein, one of the under prototyping product for 1SUN, i.e. Quasi1D can work in parallel to current PV (PLUG IN) or can be applied independently (STAND ALONE) in environments where existing PV technology is helpless because of its design and weight constraints, for e.g.:
1.        Smart Fabrics (Dresses which can recharge daily use gadgets).
2.        Indoors curtains (Home automated for closing on Sunlight-Recharging).
3.        Land-water and high altitude applications (e.g. As part of Sailing boats “Vela”; Solar Balloon to take payload in space).
4.        Real Estate buildings’ exteriors.
5.        Space explorations (e.g. As a support for 3D printing fabrics).
6.        Bio-Medical applications and much more.
For Licensing 1SUN’s Technologies i.e. the Wavelength Conversion Film (WCF) & The Fiber based Quasi 1D flexible hybrid PV (Quasi1D), aimed towards employment into the above mentioned Non-Exhaustive fields of innovative applications, please write to us at info@1sun.info or visit the Order TAB on home page with focus on Quasi1D Licensing OPTIONS.
Interested into WCF?; please contact us for exploring the possible licensing details relative to WCF applications.

Expert Solutions to 1SUN’s Clients
1SUN believes in perfection, hence it treats its Clients with a special attention as with time they turn more as a family rather than customers. In this direction, 1SUN will strategically sell to places, where it can reach and has the potential to outsource the After Sales Services to local agencies and Technical assistance providers. 1SUN will strive to provide, directly or indirectly, through its affiliated partners:
1.         Accurate and Safe Cost Estimates according to your furnished average consumption details (from last years electricity bills).
2.         Pin point solutions to your financial/Energy crisis and  how 1SUN’s products can overcome it.
3.         Tailored Product(s) [Density of Quasi1D fiber Panels] according to your Energy needs and Geographical Location of Quasi1D Usage.
4.         Innovative applications to maximize the Light Energy harvesting based on your Home architectural details.
5.         Services paid only if the Client commits to 1SUN’s Product(s), Quasi1D or part thereof.
Partnering with R&D institutes/companies

1SUN is keen to partner with R&D institutes and Complementary companies around the world for a continued development of its Product(s), especially during insertion of its products into those markets of interest, while having access to various Regional/International calls for plausible candidatures on a collaborative and mutually beneficial basis, respectively. In particular 1SUN is aiming towards funding like the Horizon 2020 and its regional opportunities like with Chamber of Commerce, Trieste.

For more details please contact us via email dropping in with your objectives and a brief overview of your expectations, given your background and in what ways you can add value towards the call along with 1SUN and vice versa, how you think we can be of support to you?

With due CREDITS to original owner, we report here a list of calls and Deadlines for the H2020 EU initiative.

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